Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage FAQ

Yes, MLD is an appropriate treatment for all people seeking treatments that range from just relaxing to actual healing.

Yes, MLD is a safe and effective way to reduce swelling and promote recovery after a surgical procedure, slim and shape a bloated body, or simply detoxify the body and mind in a relaxing manner.

The length of your MLD treatment will depend on the size and number of the areas being treated, but most sessions last approximately 30 minutes.

MLD treatments are performed by a licensed lymphatic massage and Vodder trained therapist in one of the Bucky Body Center highly curated treatment rooms.

No, MLD does not hurt. Most patients find it pleasurable and relaxing.

The number of MLD treatments needed or desired depends on individual goals and concerns. For those looking to heal post-surgery, we recommend a minimum of two MLD treatments. Those seeking MLD for overall health and aesthetic reasons can come on a routine basis for maintenance as they desire.

Since Compression Therapy utilizes a garment to reduce swelling, it is less targeted than MLD which is a more hands-on and targeted approach to healing and detoxifying. Our MLD therapists manually gather information from your body to redirect lymphatic fluid and reduce site-specific swelling while compression therapy is a more general treatment throughout the entire garment. While compression therapy can be helpful in an otherwise healthy individual, and is particularly effective after a strenuous workout or to heal or relax an overall “sore” body, MLS offers a more personalized approach to treatments. Compression therapy can be helpful when combined with MLD.