Sports injuries/Surgical Trauma

This service is offered in the home and in the clinic.

Manual lymphatic drainage helps get rid of metabolic waste that clog up the system. Overall, it can reduce pain and increase your range of motion by accelerating healing and softening scar tissue. Athletes regularly sustain injuries.Both injuries and trauma cause damage to the soft tissue. When this tissue is damaged, fluid collects in the small spaces and causes swelling. For soft tissue that is damaged because of an injury or surgery, the total time to recovery can be decreased dramatically if the old stagnant fluid can be moved out more efficiently. Dr. Holloway’s MLD technique , when used after surgery or for sports injuries decrease healing time overall by creating an immunological, healing and anti-inflammatory effect,allowing for faster recovery from injuries such as post-fractures, sprains, contusions, tendonitis, among others.

Consultation for 30 minutes

Please book a consultation first to decide which package is best for your needs


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Injury Rapid Recovery Package: $220.00

This package is to add in faster recovery following an injury to return to play sooner. A Doctor of physical therapy will come out to access the injury, then determine how many injury recovery sessions will be needed and start injury recovery to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • 30-minute Manual lymphatic drainage.
  • 20-minute Normetc.
  • 30-minute Stretching.
  • 15-minute Ice massage.